Bulova C1516 New Yorker

$726.00 $499.95

Bulova C1516 New Yorker

Featuring a classic design with a hardwood case with mahogany finish and hand carved shell patter at the crown and fluted columns accented with tulip turnings. Vienna style metal dial with Arabic numerals and large lyre pendulum.

  • Hardwood case with mahogany finish
  • White dial with black numerals
  • Harmonic 2 triple chime movement plays your choice of Westminster, Ave Maria or Bim Bam chime on the hour; Quarter hour Westminster chime and strike available
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Automatic night time shut off setting
  • Protective glass lens
  • Requires 1 AA and 2 C batteries
  • 33.5 inches high x 15.5 inches wide x 7 inches deep

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Weight 51 lbs
Dimensions 21 x 12 x 39 in