All About Moon Dials

painted moon dial

Moon dials are a beautiful feature on most Grandfather clocks, but did you know they were integral to the lives of our forefathers?   Before printed calendars were readily available, they planted crops and planned their lives by the phases of the moon.  The numbered arch above the moon dial indicates the 29 1/2 days of each lunar month, which differs from our standard calendar month.  The rotation of the moon disc shows the position of the moon on that given day.  Notice the half globes at the bottom of the moon dial.  The left globe is the Western Hemisphere and the right globe is the Eastern Hemisphere.  The moon will pass through it’s cycle, behind these two globes, telling the phase of the moon.  Once you set your moon dial to the current moon phase, it will remain accurate as long as the clock is kept running.  Happy moon gazing! Ye Olde Clock and Gift Shoppe 56 Dallas Village Shopping Center Dallas,  PA 18612 570.675.6507 Ye Olde Clock and Gift Shoppe, in Dallas, PA is a family-owned business since 1968. We hand select our clocks, fine collectibles, curio cabinets, watches and jewelry from craftsman all over the world. Our expert staff provides old fashioned, personalized customer service. We offer a dedicated service department on the premises. We gladly accept special orders and ship everywhere. Visit us and select your family heirloom today.